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Slate Financing

Are you are an established film producer trying to put together finance for a slate of films?

Let FilmPro Finance assist you with introductions to banks, financiers, and potential sources of equity. We will help you put together a package that will attract investors and interest from investors and studios for distribution.

Representing A-list producers, and working with many of the leading banks in film finance, FilmPro Finance has introduced and helped to secure relationships for major sources of film finance. Due dilligence and the top tiered contacts within both the financial and entertainment communities help us to move these complex deals along ensuring professional cooperation from the myriad of players, both business and legal.

FilmPro Finance
304 Newbury Street #463
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 277-6772 (direct line)
(617) 821-6772 (cell)
(310) 933-4434 (e-fax)

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