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Have you been asked to invest in someone's film slate?

At FilmPro Finance, we can help guide you in reviewing proposals for investment, assisting you to reach the best decision for your investment.

How does a film recoop an investor's investment? How do you ensure that a filmmaker or distributor turn over the profits to ensure that you are paid back your money?

Let us guide and represent your interests here. The film business is complex and ensuring fairness and business acumen on behalf of an industry that frequently relies on the artistic merit rather than the economics of a deal can be frustrating and risky. We can help investors understand how to protect their investment and ensure that producers do not undermine a film's ability to pay back its investors.

At FilmPro Finance, we pride ourselves in understanding how our films are made and how they profit. This knowledge can help investors secure their investment and decrease the risk inherent within the film industry. Call us today for more information.

FilmPro Finance
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