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Vinca Jarrett CEO
304 Newbury Street #463
Boston, MA 02115 USA
1 617 277-6772 (office)
1 617 821-6772 (mobile)
Steven Adams President
2018 N. Vine Street
Los Angeles, CA 90068 USA
1 213 353-4900 (office)
1 213 210-4876 (mobile)

Entertainment Industry Events, Seminars & Conferences

Let FilmPro Finance Events & Conferences help you organize your next Entertainment Industry Event or Seminar. We will put together a proposal that suits your organizations needs, providing moderator services and coordination of speakers. Events can be 2 hours to 2+ days, and pricing varies on the scope of the event. Whether you are trying to expand your client base or presence in the community or raise funds for your organization, we can help you put on a first class event, seminar or conference. Please contact Steven Adams, President at at or for more information.

The highest caliber industry speakers are brought in to participate on panels using the contacts of FilmPro Finance Events & Conferences to ensure the most in depth programs and to assist with marketing your program. Our speakers have included senior level financiers from major banks, accounting firms, equity funds, hedge funds, collection companies, as well as A list producers. Past events have included:

Finance Conferences for Investors Only

Finance Conferences for Producers

Finance Conferences on State & International Tax Credits

Finance Lunches on Tax Credits

Finance Brunches on Film Financing

Film Specific Presentations for Potential Investors

Regional Finance Events Hosted by Film Commissions

Film Festival Finance Panels

Let us help you coordinate, organize and moderate your next first class presentation, lunch, event or conference specializing in film finance issues. We can also assist with sponsorship, press and publicity.

Past Forum Topics             Past Audience Members     

Events Moderated/Coordinated/Spoken At

Forums can focus on a variety of topics and be directed towards an array of audience members:

Past Topics:

  • Independent Film Finance
  • Independent Film Distribution
  • Working with Casting Agents
  • Working with Talent Agents
  • Schmoozing in the Industry
  • International Co-Production
  • State Production Tax Incentives
  • Selling Your Screenplays
  • Alternative Film Distribution Sources
  • Marketing at Film Festivals
  • Investing in Film
  • Soft Money in Film Finance
  • Equity Investment in Film
  • Banking and Loans in the Film Industry
  • Insurance and Bond Issues in Film Finance
  • Legal Issues in Post Production
  • Negotiating Your Next Distribution Agreement
  • Working with Sales Agents
  • Legal Issues in Development
  • Production Legal Counsel

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Past Audience Members have included:
  • Financiers
  • Bankers
  • Studio Executives
  • Distributors
  • Equity Investors
  • State and International Govít Officials (overseeing new tax programs)
  • Producers
  • Executive Producers
  • Students
  • Screenwriters
  • Publicists
  • Producers Reps
  • Lawyers
  • Tax Experts
  • Accountants
  • Collectors

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List of Facilities at which Vinca Jarrett and Steven Adams have moderated, coordinated or spoken:
  • Arizona Film Finance Conference
  • Boston Bar Associationís Arts & Entertainment Section (Moderator, Speaker, Organizer)
  • Boston College of Law (Featured Speaker)
  • Boston University School of Communication (Speaker)
  • Brandeis Universityís Sundeis Film Festival (Key Note Speaker)
  • C.A.M.P. Cannes (Key Note Speaker & Moderator)
  • Coolidge Corner Theater Foundation Benefit (Organizer)
  • Harvard University (Featured Speaker)
  • International Film Festival Summit (Moderator)
  • International Film & Television Finance Summit, NY and LA (Moderator, Organizer)
  • Lousiana Film Finance Brunch presenting New Tax Incentives at the Toronto International Film Festival
  • New England School of Law Entertainment Law Symposium (Speaker)
  • New York Universityís Symposium on Film Finance (Speaker)
  • Oregon Film Commissionís Film Finance Conference (Moderator, Organizer)
  • Puerto Rico Film Finance Brunch presenting New Tax Incentives at the Toronto International Film Festival
  • San Francisco Independent Finance & Distribution Conference (Moderator & Organizer)
  • Toronto Brunch for State of Louisiana on New Tax Incentives (Moderator & Organizer)
  • Toronto Luncheon for State of Louisiana on New Gaming Tax Legislation (Organizer)
  • Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts Entertainment Law Conference (Speaker and Organizer)
  • Women in Film & Video Foundationís The Screenwriters Schmooze Panel (Featured Speaker)
  • Miscellaneous Conferences & Events:
    • Dept. of Environmental Protection, MA Annual Legal Office Retreat (Organizer)
    • Hofstra University School of Law Environmental Law Conference (Organizer)
    • Natural Resource Damages Conference, U.S. Virgin Islands (Organizer & Moderator)
    • Skidmore College Speaker Series as President of Philosophy Club and Anthropology Club (Organizer)

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