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Internship Opportunities

Year-round opportunities for internships for business and marketing students from accredited MBA programs, and undergraduates pursuing a career in film, event planning and/or business.

We are currently looking for candidates for the Fall 2018 internship program at the firm. Internships are unpaid, but students get invaluable experience in the entertainment business. Students that require credit for internships must apply for credit from their school prior to submitting resumes for consideration.

Business and Marketing Students will be working primarily with FilmPro Finance and NE Production Capital on product placement, sponsorship, client development, business plans, marketing plans, conferences, preparing for events, setting up systems and drafting invoices. Applicants with strong business skills, including finance and marketing and an interest in the entertainment industries (primarily film and media) , as well as experience with computers (Word, Excel, Power Point, Html, Adobe). MBA students must dedicate a minimum of 15 hours per week during the semester (in no more than 3 days).

Business students who are interested should submit the following for the firm to review:

cover letter
writing sample (business plan)
4 references

Undergraduate Students will be reading and marketing screenplays, preparing attorneys for film festivals, communicating with clients, drafting invoices, and doing general administrative work. Applicants with a strong communication, theater arts, or media major preferred and need experience with computers (Word, Excel, Html, Adobe). Undergrads must dedicate a minimum of 10 hours per week during the semester, which may be divided over one or 2 days.

Undergraduate students who are interested should submit the following for the firm to review:

cover letter
4 references

Internship positions are competitive. We will contact you for an interview if you qualify for consideration for our program.


The firm accepts legal, business and undergraduate interns for consideration in its summer program. These positions are part-time as follows: 40 hours for law students and MBA candidates and 25 hours for undergraduates.


There are no paid positions available at this time.

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